70s Fashion Trends: A Guide

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The 1970s has long been a fashionista's dream playground. The decade not only had plenty of social change, but was also a sartorial riot filled with weird and wonderful shapes, colours and patterns coming together to form various verves. Take a look at 70s clothes and you can chart the move away from hippy-trippy hangovers of the late sixties, through the likes of glam rock to punk and disco style before the more flouncy silhouettes that emerged at the beginning of the 80s.

70s Fashion Trends: Our Standouts

• Looking East - The turn of the decade saw stylish types' continuing fascination with all things eastern, fuelled largely by pop culture icons like The Beatles, Donovan and Mia Farrow who had all travelled to India in the late 60s in an effort to expand their minds through practising meditation and yoga. Mysticism and eastern philosophy was totally the in-thing and paisley patterns and Indian styles infused fashion stores (as did the funk of patchouli incense!) with silver jewellery, tunics, folk embroidery and fringing all the rage.

• Metal Guru -Let's talk glam rock. Emboldened by the likes of T-Rex's Marc Bolan and the one and only David Bowie, guys began to embrace metallics, feathers, glitter and exaggerated silhouettes that were previously the preserve of fancy ladies' wear! Jumpsuits, fitted blazers, flares and platforms in lavish finishes were huge, and the movement gradually evolved into another decade-defining trend, d-i-s-c-o! To recreate the 70s walk (or should we say 'strut'?) down to Studio 54 for an evening of decadence and dancing, why not browse our collection of 70s clothes which is full of glitzy numbers that you can mix and match with subtler pieces to create your 70s look, or go completely Diana Ross with a glam gold lamé jumpsuit!

• Maximising Your Potential - The appearance of maxi dresses in stores around the UK was the sign of a decade changing. In the 60s, hemlines got higher; in the 70s, the reverse occurred. We adore maxi dresses at Rokit, from folky peasant numbers to glam Abigail's Party style dresses with angel sleeves - be sure to grab one from our 70s clothes range today!

• Anarchy In The UK - Sticking two fingers up to, well, pretty much everything and everyone and shocking the delicate sensibilities of parents across the country was punk. Leather, tartan, studs and torn denim were the punk uniform. The influence of punk has been far reaching and its one trend that moved beyond being a flash in the pan to an era-defining cultural force.

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