Halloween Special: Stylish Horror Movie looks

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Blood spatters are never going to be the new black, but there are undeniably some pretty stylish horror movies out there, so it's always worth looking to the silver screen for Halloween costume inspiration. To save the weaker-stomached among you from having to, here at Rokit we've gallantly peeped out from behind the sofa cushions and taken some fashion notes to guarantee you'll be the best dressed at this year's Halloween party!

But what is it with horror movie protagonists and their fab wardrobes? We think it boils down to the fact that the greatest discomfort in watching a horror flick comes from identifying with the characters; so they often wear garments that are popular within and characteristic of an era. For example, horror movies of the 70s, 80s and 90s in particular would focus on groups of teenagers - who formed the larger part of cinema audiences - and high school cliques have always had their own unique and identifying style rules. Put simply, if they're wearing the same shoes as you, you feel like you're in their shoes.
So for vintage Halloween fancy dress, tap into the spirit (ghoulish or otherwise) of one these stylish horror films, then head to Rokit where our Halloween picks are waiting for you online and in store...

50s & 60s Film Noir and The Hitchcock Blonde

Master of the macabre Alfred Hitchock created the blueprint for the modern horror movie and his penchant for icy blonde leading ladies has left an equally impressive sartorial legacy. Who could forget Janet Leigh's scandalous-at-the-time vintage lingerie in the opening scenes of Psycho, or Tippi Hedren's iconic green suit in The Birds? For Tippi's look, find a structured 60s suit at Rokit and team with a retro 'do, plastic birds and lashings of fake blood; or how about emulating 'mother' with a vintage dress, shawl and some grotesque skull makeup for fruit-cellar chic?! Fear not, raven haired fashionistas - how about channelling Francois Truffaut's revenge classic The Bride Wore Black, with Jeanne Moreau's polished black bowl cut, a vintage 60s mod dress in black and white, and a bow and arrow as your weapon of choice?

Anything by Dario Argento

The 70s saw Italian filmmaker Dario Argento take the traditional formula of the whodunit and blend it with a deliriously colour-saturated aesthetic and some B movie schlock to create his own unique vision of horror. Films like Suspiria and Inferno, both centred around hapless students who find themselves living in witches' covens, are must sees - and Suspiria's protagonist Suzy gives good wardrobe! Think cute 70s A line skirts, patterned knitwear and wispy ballet costumes, and don't forget to add a suitably terrified doe-eyed expression.

80s Power Dressing

Darkly comic 80s teen movie Heathers stars a young Winona Ryder as member of the popular clique Veronica, who alongside rebel Christian Slater plots the downfall of her fellow queen bees (all named Heather) and inadvertently sets a trend for suicide among her fellow students (told you it was dark...) Showcasing style as razor sharp as its wit, the Heathers uniform consists of preppy button up shirts, pleated miniskirts, blazers with huge shoulder pads, and bodycon dresses aplenty. Each Heather wears a different colour (with red signifying head bitch) so get the look with an all-80s vintage outfit in red, green or yellow, and don't forget to add the film's ultimate motif of power, the red Scrunchie, into the mix.
Guys - for a different take on late 80s/early 90s power dressing, take a style tip from up the immaculately tailored sleeve of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman with a sharp 80s suit, tortoiseshell glasses (preferably some vintage Oliver Peoples), a city boy striped shirt and vintage card case for showcasing your perfectly designed business cards. Don't forget to throw in a copy of Phil Collins' greatest hits, a plastic raincoat and an axe to really turn some stomachs!

90s Teen Tribes

Picking up the horror-meets-high-school mantle where Heathers left off, our fave 90s supernatural flick The Craft features four teenage witches with banging style whose spells go a little too far. Think rebel in school uniform with a black PVC trench coat and studded choker worn over a crisp white shirt and plaid skirt like power hungry Nancy, or tick all the 90s goth boxes with a vintage maxi dress, combat boots, velvet, leather and lace.

So there you have it: say sayonara to that sheet ghost and farewell to boring old Frankenstein's monster and get your teeth into something a little more obscure this October 31st with help from Rokit!