90s Styles Icons: Get The Look

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So let's have a chat about the 90s. Were you around to witness such seminal events as the clash of the Britpop titans (Blur vs. Oasis, summer 1995), Naomi Campbell toppling off her Vivienne Westwood platforms (1993) or Geri Halliwell's crotch (which qualifies as an event in itself) in that Union Jack dress at the Brit Awards (1997)?

Or maybe the only music battles concerning you at the time were the respective merits of Old McDonald's Farm vs Hickory Dickory Dock and your sartorial knowledge went only as far as what your mum dressed you in? Whether you were there first hand or not, the decade had its own fair share of style icons, so if you've ever wanted to steal the style of your 90s idols you can with Rokit's vintage collection of 90s clothes!

Getting That 90s Look

Team Rokit has a soft spot for the 90s and we have hand picked an amazing range of 90s clothes for our stores, so whoever you really really really wanna emulate, you can absolutely pull it off. We took a quick poll at Rokit HQ and came up with our top 90s style icons from stage and screen, see if yours match up!

  • Courtney Love - We all know grunge is back with a vengeance - something that has us jumping for joy in a totally subdued, non-committal Generation X kinda way. And who better to take your Seattle style cues from than the Queen of Grunge herself Courtney Love? Mixing the cutesy and the messy with plenty of ripped-up denim, slip dresses, torn tights and chunky Doc Martens is totally the way to go.
  • Winona Ryder - Not the most obvious choice of 90s style icon, but give the doe-eyed megababe a chance! (Unlike those store security guards did in 2001... zing!) Mixing in the grungey (leather jackets, graphic tees et al) with a slightly more preppy look and a dash of goth, Wino was half of one helluva beautiful power couple with Jonny Depp in the 90s, and even dabbled in a little androgyny with effortlessly cute pixie cuts!
  • Cher Horowitz from Clueless - Alright, alright, she's a fictional character. But does that make her fashion sense any less impeccable? After all, we still all secretly want Rachel's hair from Friends (don't we?)! Alicia Silverstone's Valley Girl Cher might be a virgin who can't drive but she managed to put together some seriously iconic outfits. And while that lust worthy virtual wardrobe is sadly still fictional, thankfully Rokit is here to help you find all the tartan co-ords, miniskirts, and Mary Janes you could ever want. Who knows, among our selection of vintage designer wear you might even find that sizzling red Alaia mini dress!
  • Kurt Cobain - We can't just let the girls have all the fun (if we were, this would be a blog on the 80s devoted entirely to Cindy Lauper); especially as grunge is enjoying resurgence. Mismatched, tattered and absolutely care-free could sum up Cobain's inimitable look. So guys, ensure that your chunky sweaters, cardigans and jeans are all appropriately torn, your Converse hi-tops as knackered as possible and all-out abandon shampoo. Top off your new look with a graphic-tee displaying your love for The Melvins and you've got it.

Hand-picked 90s Clothes From Rokit
If all this talk of the 90s has got you in the mood for updating your style in a nostalgic way, come visit us at Rokit today. We've got the very best in authentic vintage 90s clothes that act as your passport back to another era of sartorial sensations. Pop into one of our four London stores or check us out online today to see our collections.