90's Style Crimes!

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Dan's 90's fashion.
A 90's gangster look- complete with replica gun!
Top with Baseball cap.
Imogen's 90's fashion.
Minnie Mouse T-shirt and Backpack.
Imogen's 90's party style.
Top and feather boa.
Lucy's 90's Fashion.
Imogen's sister's 90's fashion.
Dress, Collar and trainers.

To celebrate the launch of our new AW12 90s MASHUP COLLECTION this week, we tried to cajole team Rokit into submitting pictures of themselves wearing dodgy 90s clothes. Unsurprisingly, not many of us were willing to publicly shame ourselves in this way, but the three (yeah, THREE) that did agree have done us proud...

Meet new(ish) recruit Dan, who heads up our accessories department. Clearly a fan of the right accessory from a tender age: note he is setting off that slouchy sportswear with not one but two different backwards caps. We think the top one may in fact have belonged to a member of East 17.

We also think the law may require us to point out at this juncture that although guns don't kill people, rappers do, firearms are neither big nor clever, and Dan's is merely a replica.

Proving that style evolves so much during the formative years is Community Manager Imogen. This charming picture from circa 1990 showcases a four year old's penchant for bright colours and Minnie Mouse... It's also pretty representative of the universal 'I don't want my photo taken with my sibling' sulk face.

A mere six years later and some kind of goth-spice evolution has taken place. Nice combination of fake Kickers loafers and feather boa there, and mad props to the kid with that limelight-stealing metallic blue puffa jacket, so good she carried on wearing it indoors.

Copywriter Lucy not only submitted a picture of herself but also risked life/limb/a shit Christmas present this year by sharing her big sister's misguided sartorial choices with us too! #dedicatedtothecause

Long before Lily Allen decided to try and make trainers and a party dress the next big thing, our very own Lucy was rocking it...

Meanwhile big sis and friend were busy ticking all the 90s style boxes: high ponytail and scrunchie, patterned leggings and oversize tie-front shirt. Good work ladies.

Shout out also to Annika at our Brick Lane store who, although unable/unwilling to supply photographic evidence, told us that "Only thing I remember as a ten year old is my stonewash denim Ninja Turtle jeans. And with that I usually wore my sailor shirt. I remember that I really thought that was a cool outfit..."