The 80s Most Stylish Celebrities

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Aah the 80s. The time of mobile phones the size of small office blocks, Maggy Thatcher, the New Romantics and a whole host of pop-culture and style trends that will leave many people, well, still baffled three decades on. Not us at Rokit though! We simply adore 80s clothes and often look to the glitz and glamour of the world of celebrity to plan our outrageous 80s outfits! Check out some of the decade's most stylish celebs!

Sartorially Sensational Celebs Of The 1980s

While some consider 80s clothes a relic of a time that taste forgot, we beg to differ! The 80s were a little wild and a touch decadent, sure, but there's plenty of inspiration for bold new styles you can take from the trendsetters of the day.

• Madonna - You can't think of the 80s without thinking of Madonna. And if you say you can, we won't believe you! Besides, the world would be a much more boring place if Madge wasn't around. She sported many an iconic look during the 80s, but we really love the feisty combination of rara skirts, that old 80s staple of fingerless gloves and ¾ length leggings, topped off with statement t-shirts.

• Princess Diana - It's something of a given that Diana would feature on a list of the 80s best dressed celebs. After all, she was the original People's Princess (sorry Kate!). Exemplifying 80s Power Dressing were shoulder pads you could land a plane on, big brash blazers, and suits. Diana always managed to turn heads in gowns and cocktail dresses from Bruce Oldfield and Victor Edelstein. She may have been Britain's princess, but she was certainly the queen of 80s fashion.

• Adam Ant - No discussion of 80s clothes could be complete without talking about New Romantics (as much as some detractors would like!). Finding its feet among the flamboyantly dressed club kids frequenting London clubs like Blitz, New Romanticism quickly found its poster boy in the king of the dandies himself, Adam Ant. His completely unique mix of Highwayman, Native American, Punk Rocker and Grenadier Guard totally won over his adoring fans. So why not loudly holler that 'ridicule is nothing to be scared of' with some 80s clothes from Rokit?

• Debbie Harry - Does anyone embody early 80s New York cool as well as Debbie Harry? The iconic Blondie front woman always dazzled with her peroxide locks and a look taken from the Bowery district of New York City where Blondie first cut their chops at iconic venue CBGB's. Jumper dresses, batwing sleeves and leather pencil skirts were all style staples for Debbie, and in fact, we'd argue that Debbie never lost her style and still doles out some Yankee glam with every live performance. Long may she reign!

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