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So, Puffa jackets are cool. No really, they are!! For those of you dismissing the Puffa jacket from your list of winter warmers, hear us out. Your fears of resembling a marshmallow are in vain, founded by Penny Rogers in 1973 and fiercely rooted in sports, the Puffa is the front-runner for the functional and fashionable piece. Totally on board with the sportswear trend, everyone from the latest celeb and your next door neighbour has been donning the puffa.

If you're longing to trial the trend grab yours below!



Aah the trench coat. It personifies the word classic and can take you from scruffy to sophisticated in a few seconds. Lovechild of the WW1 and WW2 war efforts, the trench coat is a classic option for those of us dying to recreate that last scene from Breakfast at Tiffs where they share the perfect kiss down that alley. Waterproof and light-weight, the trench became a must-have in all fashionistas wardrobes as 40's Hollywood starlet Marlene Dietrich took the Trench to the big screen with a glamourous flair. These days, thanks to modern British design house Burberry, Aquascutum (the battle continues to decide who designed it buuut we're not getting involved, share the love people) and the likes of Kate Moss, the Trench has become a must-have piece and luckily for us, shows no sign of disappearing.


The history of the fur coat is a murky immorality tale not for the faint-hearted. Literally every photo of a '20s movie starlet you can clap your eyes on proves that they were pretty much drowning in the stuff! A mink coat was the height of Hollywood glamour during the '20s right up until the '80s when activists Lynx and PETA came onto the scene and angry animal lovers and militant veggies everywhere started chucking a load of red paint all over the fur-donning glitterati. Buuut these days, we have the trusty faux fur option to turn to, all of the glamour and none of the paint!!

suede jacket

If you're looking for a flare-free way to channel seventies style, the suede biker is THE best way to do it. Fringing or no fringing, this style is a massive trend alert!! The suede biker needs no added extras, pair this jacket with literally ANY outfit and find yourself given an instant retro flair. Wear it with a suede knee-length skirt for the ultimate two-tonal 70's get up.

the CAPE

Is it a coat or a cape? We like to think of it as the 'coat-cape'. For those of you who have tried 'n' tested all coat styles and have come up with nada, the cape could be what you've been after all this time with its easy to wear arm slits. Historically the cape was worn by Edwardian ladies as a sign of status, err hello immediate class!! Opt for a camel colour for optimum chic points. Chuck it on over a chunky knit and you've got the perfect combination of comfort and style.