7 Key His and Her Spring Essentials

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Searching for a way to re-vamp your wardrobe for Spring without blowing the budget? Look no further, we have just the thing for you!!

Check out our trend edit to get your mitts on the 5 key pieces needed for both genders to channel the best of Spring 2016 trends.

1. Dungarees and Overalls

Firstly, overalls have really gone and made their mark in Men's fashion this past year, so for a Spring wardrobe tweak these are a certified winner for all you guys out there. Pair with 50's inspired plaid shirts and you've got yourself a Spring essential. For women, denim dungarees have been circulating the fashion scene for a while now, wondering why they are still sticking around? Totally easy to wear, instant vintage vibes and you can wear them all year round. Especially for Spring time, you can mix and match layering with thin sweats or tees. Trust me, investing in a pair will mean you have your go-to outfit for Spring sussed.

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2. Lightweight sports jackets

Off of the back of the retro sportswear trend that has seemingly taken over the vintage street style scene, once the weather (finally) warms up a bit, ditch the heavier tracksuit set and opt for a lighter alternative. The good old classics, addidas, nike, reebok etc are the ones to go for, luckily for you, Rokit stock all these vintage wonders over on our website! Making this trend even easier to get on board with, the jackets are mostly unisex, meaning the lines of 'his and hers' can totally cross, and can justify stealing your girlfriend/boyfriend's yessss.

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The more urban alternatvie to layering knits, American football style team sweats are a perfect way to ease into the coming months, no doubt the sun will take it's time to shine, so we don't want to be heading out in spaghetti straps just yet. Again, a subtle and practical way to stay in tune with the retro sportswear takeover and a great way to pick up legit vintage sports history. With these your choice mainly depends on colours, but mostly they are another wicked unisex steal. Pair with light-washed denim jeans (shorts if you're feeling really optimistic) to top off the vintage look.

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Ahhh a Rokit Vintage favourite and jacket option that suits near enough EVERYONE. Choose from washed blues to darker greys and blacks - or even stick with a fur-trimmed style whilst we're still caught up in these typically British March chills. For men, opt for an over-sized number and pair with darker denim jeans, layer over a vintage corduroy shirt for a maxin-out level of 50's inspired layering. Girls, guys, it's time to give double denim a whirl. Yes it may seem like a worrying prospect, but if your pair your hues well, the double-denim trend will get you through Spring with total fashionista ease. Ditching your heavier coats, the denim jacket will be your greatest friend throughout Spring evenings.

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The ultimate vintage fashion winner. Guys, opt for long-sleeved patterned shirts for now, then incorporate short-sleeves when we head towards Summer 2016. Slightly darker floral hues are going to gain you entry into SS16, perfect with chinos or jeans. Channeling 70's influences, the patterned shirt can be worn open or buttoned up depending on the occasion. Looking for women's tips? Opt for a bell-sleeved floral blouse and pair with a skirt or tapered trousers. The patterned shirt has been around for a long time and will serve as a foundation to your Spring wardrobe.

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A popular trend off of the back of both the London Collections: Men 2016, the military parka is a subtle way to communicate the strong camo influences being adopted on the streets of London. Wear open layered over thin knits for a lighter Spring approach and brave the camo print for a stronger statement. For women, your fondness of khaki can be translated through vintage parkas, pair with boots and some serious scarves until it's warm enough to lose the layers.

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A classic white shirt can take you from total scruff to vintage chic in 0-3 seconds. It is for this reason that the white shirt should remain a wardrobe staple across all seasons but especially as it gets warmer. Layer under dungarees for a day look, or pair with statement tailored trousers to take the looks to 20's tuxedo vibes. Collared, ruffle detail or totally plain, it is necessity for any guy or girl looking to add a vintage edge to their current clothing collection.

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