3 Ways to Wear...The 60s Dress

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The 60s was a time of excitement, huge historical changes, political movements and god so much more! But did you know, that it also included things like, the first 'Top of the Pops' (1964, can you believe it?), a new band called, 'The Beatles' (ever heard of them? - only joking, god.) and a new festival called, 'Woodstock' (lalala...duh). But hey, the 60s also brought us new hemlines and new styles and whilst we thrive in our vintage idols (Cher, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton to name a few), we shouldn't forget how revolutionary it all was back then. Ah the nostalgia!

Dresses went through many changes themselves, and that shows us that so much can be achieved with just a simple dress. So here we have 3 ways to style a mere 60s dress into something quite remarkable, all of which will propel you back to the Swinging 60s!

Mod Squad

What some remember the 60s for; the Mod lifestyle was iconic. It had a neat, block colour aesthetic, and from that, city chic became the order of the day. The Mod dress would usually be worn with a high neck top underneath, so something like this high neck blouse will in-keep with the block colours too. Knee high boots and leather gloves were also a staple for this look.

This look - Blue dress, Shirt, Gloves, Boots

Ooh Baby

Cute and girly, the Babydoll look is very feminine, which means you can throw in some textures and light, girly colours. The lace and the cute low heel shoes offer a young, school girl charm, and the slim silk scarf, tied into a loose bow will complete the outfit. You'll feel darling enough to have Breakfast at Tiffany's.

This look; Blue dress, Scarf, Shoes, Dress (underneath)

San Francisco Free Spirit

By the late 60s, the Hippie look was hugely popular, and the Angel dress was a way for girls to easily adopt the flower power style. Make like Janis with her billowing sleeves in a psychedelic or paisley print. Style this 60s dress with a loose sleeved, patterned blouse underneath. The wide sleeves will create the illusion of an Angel dress, and a tasselled waistcoat over the top is perfect to complete the look for you free-spirited folk.

This look; Blue dress, Patterned blouse, Shoes, Fringed waistcoat

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