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Dr Martens the iconic shoe of choice for skinheads, grungers, and ska kids alike has been a sartorial mainstay since its first birthday on 1st April, 1960 and has once again enjoyed a revival in the past year or so. With a plethora of new styles, newly opened stores, and many a 50 year birthday event, Dr Martens are looking toward reworking a classic for a fruitful future, but here at Rokit we are sticklers for a classic and we are looking back on Dr Marten's history to inspire us with their sturdy, practical and of course uber stylish footwear.

So lets start at the beginning-Dr Martens came about when Dr Klaus Maertens of Munich, Germany met the Griggs family of Northamptonshire via a magazine advert and joined his air filled sole with their family history of quality footwear. It was here that an icon was born!

Together they created a boot named the 1460 which was built on comfort and practicality it was hard-wearing and a design classic to boot! Originally worn by postmen, factory workers and the transport unions for its comfortable everyday credentials. But these workmen were soon joined by working class rebels, and then the masses.

Dr Martens have long been associated with Skinheads who adopted the boot early on in the 1960s. This fashion obsessed gang started in London, spread around the country then indeed the world, spreading with them their uniform of the Dr Martens. The skinheads were then joined by the Mods, glams, punks, ska boys, Goths, grungers and many more with their love for the Dr Marten brand whether it be the lace up shoes, monk shoes the loafers or the original boots.

We spoke to Rokit's head of accessories Gavin Bowers and asked him a few questions about the iconic Dr Martens footwear....

• What should one be looking for when they are purchasing a vintage Dr Marten?

a. Classic trademark yellow stitching

b. Classic leather upper

c. Made in England embossed on the bottom of the sole

d. And of course the comfy trademark AirWair sole

e. Newer pairs are made in Taiwan when the factory moved over in the 80's

f. The ones to look out for are the 'for life' pairs made in the original factory on the original moulds- as are the vintage pairs which is the higher price range of made in England series.

• Why do you think they brand have enjoyed such renewed success this last year?

a. As we all know fashion comes round in trend roundabouts. Dms have done some clever placement in music and tv recently aiding their success. Also they are just a true classic and part of British heritage.

• How do you wear yours?

a. I favour a 1490 ten eyelet classic black doc, open and scruffy in a mid 90s grunge way. Also we're big dubbin fans for our DMs, we like to rub (a dub dub) the famous balm on ours to keep them protected and looking rugged.

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