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Another year of ball gown wearing, red carpet walking (ahem, or tripping) and champagne drinking has begun. Stars have prepared their best poses, pouts, hair and nails and all that hokey-pokey, ready to bedazzle the world with their more or less memorable outfits - hasn't it been great fun to ruthlessly judge the best or worst dressed at the just passed Golden Globe Awards? (Sorry Keira, maybe you'll do better next year?)

Well, let the show begin! In the meantime, though, have a look at our pick of the most memorable outfits. You might be surprised to find some rare pearl! Who knows, it might come useful knowledge for a more eccentric glamorous party, edgy in all the right ways.

We personally think that anything is allowed when the fierce January month settles into our lives for, god, 31 days! So we'd totally understand, if you decided to rock into work wearing a slightly off the wall retro outfit, with one of our spectacular vintage designer dresses; what could ever be better inspiration than some of these incredible and very memorable style choices?

Just saying...

Our Pick

1954. Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy

Fair enough, there's nothing eccentric in Audrey's perfect outfit (and waistline, sigh), however, we've decided to include her nonetheless. The girl's got class, but what we priviledge here at Rokit is the naturalness with which she wears her dress. No gimmick needed in this case, we are certain, for this is the real Audrey, and the Givenchy dress simply a second skin to the talented and graceful actress. That's exactly what it's all about.

1969. Barbra Streisand in Scaasi

Oh Barbra! We love you, for you have no fear of being who you are! And even after showing your derrière to the whole world, you still managed to laugh it off. The headlines the next day proclaimed 'STREISAND, NUDE UNDER SEE-THROUGH OUTFIT!', but according to Scaasi himself, Barbra was on the phone to him as soon as she read and was joking about the whole episode. Funny Girl in fiction and real life then! The headlines clearly helped make the star's outfit the most famous Academy Award costume ever!

And why shouldn't she have laughed? Despite what snob fashion writers and experts might say, we think she both looked sophisticated and, more importantly, unique and unusual (well, the derriere is pretty average nowadays with the Kardashian-esque fashion prevailing, but it's just a matter of taste - and types of plastic surgery available).

Made of black net and clear sequinned see-through fabric, her award outfit comprised bell-bottom trousers and a top that covered her breasts with simply and nothing more than two patch pockets (we hope it wasn't cold that night - girls, you know what I'm talking about…), it was finished with the basic white collar and cuffs and black satin bow at the neckline that were by this point, her signature items.

1977. Diane Keaton as Annie Hall

Another great eccentric character in Hollywood history, at first known as the 'kooky actress' before she became famous. Keaton is certainly worthy of mention, and so is her red carpet style. And specifically, her 1977 outfit!

Frumpy to say the least, but we love it.

When it comes to individual style and red carpet, Diane Keaton managed to merge both the character that she won the Oscar for - the legendary nerdy Annie Hall - with her real self. Well, it does help that the plot for the film was very much inspired by Diane Keaton and Woody Allen's actual relationship (based on Woody's monologues we guess).

1986. Cher in Bob Mackie

Despite the fact that Cher didn't actually win an Oscar in 1986, she still managed to steal the limelight with her unmissable Bob Mackie outfit - a showgirl-worthy beaded black two-piece with a towering 2-foot headpiece made of rooster feathers (think circus mixed with glam feather duster brush). Living by the style mantra, "until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility of being great" (tick box on both), Cher has been, in many ways, a designer's dream and an inspiration to all of us who play it safe.

1990. Julia Roberts in Armani

Julia Roberts, who won for her performance in Stealing Magnolias, certainly made a point when she turned up to the Golden Globes Award wearing this oversized men's suit by Armani (maybe she thought she was still gonna grow a few inches?). Yet, we think, why not? It's boring to look all the same, and it doesn't matter whether or not it's thousands of pounds worth of a dress, ultimately we still want to be remembered for who we are.

And that's why we like Julia Robert's fashion statement here; Julia simply wanted to be just as comfortable as her boyfriend's for the awards ( who are we to say she shouldn't!). Good lesson to remember, if we're honest. We might want to look glam, but the fun is spoilt if we simply can't feel comfy.

2000. Angelina Jolie in Versace

Many said that Angelina looked more Morticia Addams (with a lot less cleavage on show) than silver screen siren when she collected the 2000 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted and we can't completely disregard their opinion. However, in a memorable black long-sleeved gown by Versace, goth hair and dramatic make-up we think that it's definitely one of the outfits we'd like to remember her for - a sweet reminder of her wild child days when she went about kissing her brother in public (yes, she did!) before she became the mother of six, the wife of Brad and the epitome of more sophisticated styles. What a rebel.

2001. Bjork in Marjan Pejoski

Love it or hate it, the swan dress that Bjork wore at the Awards in 2001 was the quirky singer's perfect match. In fact, we think it would have been even more outrageous, if the artist, renowned for her peculiar style and music, had turned up in a classic red Valentino gown (yawn). It just wouldn't be right. The Dancer in the Dark actress made fashion history with this dress designed by Marjan Pejoski and even more so when she pretended to lay an egg on the red carpet. Honestly, gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown can get a little redundant if it wasn't for the risk takers and those with a little bit of humour, so don't forget!

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