To Dye For!

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The denim selection during the tie-dye process.
A selection of tie-dye looks on the catwalk.
Sunny yellow is a tie-dye colour of choice.
The tie-dye denims being worked on.
Primary colours are applied to the denims for a psychadelic rainbow effect.
Rokit's laundry room is used to dry the tie-dye denims off.
An example pair of pink dip-dyed jeans.

From the catwalk to the mean streets of London town, tie dye and dip dye is everywhere at the moment and the hippy print du choix is set to last well into next season if the likes of Ashish and Ann Demeulemeester are anything to go by.

This week plucky Rokit-er Colin got down to some dye DIY at our north London studios, transforming some bland beige and white short dungarees, jeans, denim shirts and jackets into a colour coated smorgasbord of trippy rainbow delights. Check him out hard at work below...

They may look carelessly scrunched up but minutes of backbreaking work went into carefully positioning every one of those rubber bands around rolled garments to get the desired pattern...

The carpark outside Rokit HQ now looks like the scene of a murder involving those cute little guys from the M&Ms adverts. Thankfully the pristine white of our delivery van remains unscathed.

Dye is individually applied in layers to achieve a unique result - none of that mass produced rubbish for us!

Then it's into our laundry to remove the excess dye...

Et voila. This pastel pair of dip dye denims was one of our prototypes, more pieces will be hitting the stores soon!