Rokit Celebrates the Big 3 0

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In honour of our Birthday, we roll back the years and let you in on what we have instore to mark the occasion as Rokit celebrates the big 3 0.

Words By Danielle Morgan

When I was about 14 years old, I came to London for the day with my parents and visited all the old haunts that feel so familiar to me now. Back then, I was experiencing the likes of Brick Lane, Camden Market and Covent Garden for the first time, and as I made the sweeping descent from the Apple Market, past the tube station down to Neal's Yard I spotted a man standing at the end of the alley holding a sign that looked a lot like a rocket.

I approached the man with haste, unsure as to what he might be selling and mindful of my mum and dad lagging behind. The sign read 'Vintage this way', the point of the rocket directing me down an unknown street to an uncertain end. I immediately felt a pang of excitement. I hadn't encountered vintage before and I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for but I was feeling up for it.

Turning right onto Shelton Street I scanned the road for the elusive Rokit. Low and behold, there it was, in all its hand me down, pre loved glory; my mecca.

Why Choose Vintage?

Vintage put up a very convincing argument. It was a way of expressing who I was, or who I wanted to be in a way that no one else around me was doing at the time. With vintage, you could find something totally unique, unlike scanning through the reproduced rails of high street stores. With second hand it was unlikely I would spot anyone else wearing a bright purple '80s dogtooth cardigan, so itchy it brought me up in a rash every time I wore it, subsequently resigned to the charity shop sack.

Nevertheless, I loved my cardi, even if the polyester did make my skin crawl. And who knew a decade down the line I'd be working for the company who's clothes I used to crave every time I visited London?

Rokit Sets Up Camp in Camden

In 1986, Rokit pitched up a small stall on Camden Market and started selling their vintage wears to bargain-hungry Londoners. Do you remember the glorious year of 1986? Maybe you weren't even born then. For the benefit of us sprogs, the year of '86 brought us the opening of the M25 (joy) and the introduction of GCSE's (more joy). Margaret Thatcher was knocking about, Prince Andrew married Fergie and England were knocked out of the world cup on account of Maradonna's infamous hand of God goal. All in all, the year was not a splendiferous celebratory affair, but Rokit did crop up on the scene and we've been lurking about ever since, so there's something to be thankful for.

This year marks our 30th Birthday, so what better excuse to throw a huge party to mark the occasion? Rokit embraces individuality in all its forms so we're inviting a bunch of eccentrics just like us who celebrate alternative fashion and culture for one big knees up. The big 3 0 only comes round once so we've pulled out all the stops. The secret location will play host to bands, dj's and booze (obviously) with a whole load of other goodies lined up. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Quick Mick loitering about on Argyll Street, he's your man if you want to know more.

Rokit Recycled Limited Collection

To mark the occasion, our Rokit Recycled team have been busy bee's designing a limited edition collection of upcycled vintage wears. The line features '90s style Acid smileys on denim jackets, jeans, dungarees, sweatshirts and loads of other re-vamped garms, all limited to 10 items. The range celebrates the spirit of the '90s and salutes the ethical and sustainable ethos of Rokit and our recycled collections.

Rokit Recycled have been going since before we can remember. They take un-usable vintage wears and miscellaneous offcuts to create upcycled vintage inspired garments. The best thing about Rokit Recycled is that the materials are all ethically sourced and then designed in our warehouse, right in the heart of London town. We say no to sweatshops and yes to reducing waste. Can't say fairer than that!

Keep your eyes peeled on social for a whole week of celebrations, with offers online and in stores.

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